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Which Programme Is Right For Me?

This is about YOU.  But we’re not necessarily going to work at your pace, we will work at the pace you are capable of.  It is the job of a coach to keep you on track, push you and challenge you occasionally, but at the same time it’s important to work within a programme you are comfortable with, which is why I have developed four different programmes depending on your needs and goals.


1. VIP Day

This is a one to one intensive day where we work on a specific topic, either by phone, skype or in person if geography allows.




Group of women wearing pink2. Superwoman Weekend

A Superwoman weekend is a wonderfully fun filled group activity.  We go away somewhere, could be UK or abroad for a weekend of self discovery, relaxation and path finding.  It will be a small group of between 5 and 10 amazing superwomen, like you, all with the goal of finding their key to unlock their full potential.


iStock_000019273252Small3. Three Month Sprint

With a three month programme, we work together on a one to one basis either by phone, skype or in person if geography allows to make significant changes centered around your own goals and visions.  Sometimes we don’t have a specific goal to start with, you just know you need something to change – don’t worry, we work it out along the way, but I will be there with you step by step.


sky4.  A Year to Change My Life

As with the three month sprint, we work together on a one to one basis, but over a longer period of time.  Perhaps there are big changes you want to make, or you need help and encouragement to stay on a path you’ve taken, perhaps you just know you can’t carry on as you are and are willing to work towards creating a different future for yourself.




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