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How will a Coach help?

einsteinAlbert Einstein was quoted as saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

In my case, it was working harder and harder, longer and longer hours and then leaving my job and starting a new one because I was so burned out – it took me years to even figure out that was a pattern of behaviour which wasn’t really working for me – I didn’t even realise I wasn’t actually going anywhere, just round in circles!

I’m no Einstein, I have learned and, as your coach, I will help you to work out what needs to change and how to do something different.  Often we don’t know what we want because we have become locked on to what we don’t want.

I’m not the expert on you, you are – I can’t tell you what it is you need to do differently or indeed presume to know what you want, but I will help you to access your own resources so you can unlock your full potential.

I always ask my clients what they do want, these are some of the things they tell me:-

  • Respect
  • Treated Fairly
  • Acknowledged
  • iStock_000003224545SmallValued and Appreciated
  • Feel Fulfilled
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Success
  • Happy Family
  • Spend more time with Friends
  • Feel Complete
  • Contentment
  • Strong Enough
  • Self Confident
  • Confident
  • In Control
  • Internal sense of control and calm
  • Manage my team effectively
  • Achieve the work/Life/Relationship Balance
  • Balanced
  • Happy
  • Have Time
  • Freedom
  • Empowerment
  • Efficient
  • Satisfaction of Achievement

What a lovely list and I can honestly say I feel privileged that I am achieving all of those things, and it’s not actually that difficult, we just think it is.

iStock_000019273252SmallSo, that’s what I do as your Coach, (No, I don’t go running with you!) I help you to unlock your own resources, learn how to do something different in order to create the lifestyle you want. I’ve been there, done it the hard way and got the burnout t-shirt to prove it.  But most importantly, I learned how to do something different.  My life changed dramatically for when I got my first Coach.   Now, I am able to use the tens of thousands of pounds I’ve invested in helping you to take the easy route.

How do I work?

The first step is to arrange a free strategy call, this will help identify what needs to change, what you want and which is going to be the best programme for you.

I then use a smidgen of psychology, a sprinkling of hypnotherapy, a suggestion of NLP, a chunk of behavioural therapy, a pinch of personality analysis, a snip of self reflection and  infectious enthusiasm to help you to discover and release your inner Superwoman.


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