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What emotion does a ‘normal life’ provoke for you?

is it a positive or negative emotion, would you love a ‘normal life’ or does the thought of ‘normal’ fill you with horror?

Or have you already jumped to the next question – 

What is a ‘normal life’?

I think the answer to the second question must be based purely on your own experiences growing up with the influences around you at the time for which there is no right, wrong or standard answer.  As I experience more different ways of living the image of what I was brought up to think of as ‘normal’ has become increasingly blurred.

My ‘normal’ is this :-

Having a job, working for a company or being self employed until retirement.  Buying a house, getting married, having a family, a dog, a home and a base to work and live from.  Going on holiday once or twice a year, paying the mortgage, taxes, bills, having a savings plan (eh hem!), having a car and a social life based around where you live. 

I have giving all these things a go, but the thought of it fills me with more horror than joy, but ‘normal’ to me is based on my observations growing up of my parents and how friends’ families lived.  The majority of them have gone on to emulate the example set out by their parents and living in the UK where I did, the messages of ‘norm’ in the media seemed to fit with my norm model (or did I just make it fit?)

However, since I decided to step away from ’norm’ in 2014 I’ve accidentally stepped into an exciting and surprising journey of discovery that questions my core beliefs in norm to the extreme.

I think that it’s not until you step off your own ‘planet norm’ that you can see beyond its horizon and when you do, you discover how many millions of other people are out there living entirely different lives to what you thought everyone did.  For example, when I was young I had a dream of living on an island in the Mediterranean, but I didn’t ever seriously contemplate that lifestyle as a possible reality, nobody I knew had done it.  However, when I did, I saw thousands of other people living their life away from their home country.  And since end November 2016 until now and on to the end of January 2017, I’ve been living on a yacht in the Caribbean and my eyes have been opened to whole floating communities of ‘normal’ people living their lives on water.

I have to add I’ve also met some characters that have been on the water and off grid far too long – definitely not normal, but fascinating people with extraordinary stories to tell.

Are these people modern day explorers? – exploring alternatives to how life can be lived?

I was always a bit disappointed to think that I had missed the golden age of discovery exploring the world, I would have liked to have been an explorer if I could – perhaps I still can be – A lifestyle expeditionist.

What is your normal and what you would like it to be?

Wishing you health, wealth, happiness & success


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist & Life Coach

"If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done"


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