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In a word – NO!

I don’t need to know who you are, what you do, where you live or even what your aspirations are to tell you, it’s more likely to be the opposite, your aspirations and dreams are not big enough.

To be big, you have to think bigger, to be rich you have to think richer and to be a success you have to think even more successful.

Think about it like this for a moment:-

Suppose you are studying for a qualification and you need to pass an exam of which the pass mark is 60%.

You have a choice, you can go for gold and aim for 100% or you can aim for a pass at 60% – which would you do?

If you have a ‘pass mark’ mindset and you decide to do just enough to scrape though, then you will put in 60% of the effort needed.  You are aiming to ‘get by’ to do just enough – but what happens if you miss the mark, what happens if you don’t quite reach the 60% you’re aiming for?  YOU FAIL! and you probably give up.

But what would happen if you went for 100%?

You give it 100% of your effort and your attention, you do everything you can and you’re aiming for perfection.  Just enough isn’t good enough for you, scraping through isn’t acceptable, you want to excel, you want to be the best you can be and achieve the highest mark you can.

If you have a ‘going for gold’ mindset an you put in 100% but something happens and you just miss the mark, what is the result?  The result is that you still pass with flying colours, you are still successful and you still get the qualification. OK so you don’t quite reach the mark you set for yourself but inside you can be proud of yourself that you did everything you could, you put in the effort and you did your very best.  Your self esteem is in tact and you are motivated even more the next time.

The same happens in life, you need to aim high, you need to go for gold and your aspirations need to be high, then you give the effort needed to achieve big, you give that extra bit.  All of you is on board, there is no part of internal resistance that believes it’s not possible and it’s your belief that you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve is the secret of your success.

So don’t aim just to pay the rent or mortgage this month, don’t aim for getting by, allow yourself to dream about what you really want, visualise it and believe it is possible.  Don’t just aim big, aim bigger.

When you fix your sights high, your subconscious will respond, all those other things are just steps on the way which will take care of themselves because you’re fixed on the bigger picture.

To get to where you want to go, you don’t need to count the steps on the way, you don’t need to visualise each step and make sure you foot takes each one, you look up in the direction you are going and your feet just move without you thinking.

So, wherever your aspirations are right now – raise the bar even higher and don’t even give a thought to it being unrealistic – your job is to make it real, first in mind, then in action, giving it 100% of your effort.

You will surprise yourself at how far you can go, once you make your mind up to do it.

What is your aspiration or dream?  Please comment below…

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