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You know it’s a very fine line between

Rich and Poor

Success and Failure

Happy and Miserable

Excited and anxious

Do you know what separates the two

Your Attitude

Your attitude towards what happens to you in life and your attitude in general.  People who are successful, rich, happy and enthusiastic about life have a positive outlook and that is the only difference.

People who re successful and rich haven’t necessarily had a different start in life, they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth, their attitude determined how their life panned out.  They attitude determines how successful they are going to be.  Failure is part of success, every successful person will have experienced failure and you can’t have success without failure but what makes the differences is attitude.

What do you do when you’ve had a failure?  Do you let it get you down and determine who you are or do you take that failure and view it as a learning opportunity, is it just a step in the direction of success.  It’s an opportunity for you to do things differently it is a necessary part of the path to success so you can achieve what ever it is you want to achieve.  The choice of how you deal with failure is yours.

You’re not born with your cup half empty or half full you’ve learned how to think like that and it doesn’t determine who you are, it just lets other people know your attitude towards life.  People like to be around people who are happy, calm and have a positive attitude, they are easy to be with, they’re uplifting and fun.  People don’t choose to spend time around miserable people who are negative and critical because it brings them down.  If your attitude towards life is critical and negative you will feel miserable and why would you choose to feel miserable – it doesn’t make sense to me to choose misery!

Don’t blame life, other people, circumstances – everyone has life thrown at them with great force and have things to deal with, it is the difference in your attitude that determines how you will deal with it.  Do you spend the rest of the day moaning about it to whoever is willing to listen or whoever you can corner, or do you just deal with it, let it go and move on.

Guess which one is easier.

Life is meant to be easy but the only thing that determines whether you have an easy life or a difficult life is not events, it is your attitude.  It’s not the family you’re born into, it’s not your environment, your culture, your community, your financial circumstances, it’s your attitude.

That attitude is your choice just has how you think is your choice, how you feel is your choice.  It’s your brain and you’re in control.

If you have been practicing being miserable, it’s going to take a bit of practice being positive but I can guarantee it wont take as long to change as it was to get there in the first place.

If you need any help changing the way you think about things the three part re-calibration series that you can subscribe to is a good place to start or, of course, you can get in touch and work with me.

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