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Would you rather be unconsciously incompetent or consciously incompetent?

These are first two steps in the Learning Cycle and sadly, many people never move beyond unconsciously incompetent or, when they do, the amount they realise they need to learn is overwhelming and they give up, never progressing to the euphoria of self fulfillment of unconscious competence where your success really takes off.

Truthfully though we are perpetually on this cycle, when we’ve mastered one skill, we move onto the next, uncovering more delights of what we can learn when our eyes are opened to possibilities and receptive to learning

I spent 6 months more than necessary in unconscious incompetence when I started my online business.  I can (rather sheepishly) admit now that this was due to my own arrogance and ego – I didn’t know that at the time, but that’s the beauty of personal development, your mind expands and you see what you didn’t know was there before.

You only know what you know – until you feed your mind.

Happily I have found humility in my life and I’m enjoying the experience of peeling away the layers of my ego and leaving them outside the door whilst simultaneously watching my business soar.

To understand what I’m talking about and identify where you are on the Learning Cycle, watch the video below.

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