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I’m a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach on a mission to empower people to make the internal transformations that will enable them to be the best they can be


Is ‘Normal Life’ right for you?

In recent years my voyages into different lifestyles as begun to question my very core beliefs about what is ‘normal’. Stepping outside what I was brought up to believe as normal life has exposed me to people living off grid with entirely different lives.

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Is Working From Anywhere Realistic?

Is working from anywhere realistic? In theory it should be, but put to the test from a remote Caribbean Island and the Himalayan Mountains from Nepal, is it possible. Listen to Emma’s latest experiments in Lifestyle Engineering.

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How to get fit at 50

OK, so the first thing you need to know about getting fit at 50 is that you are not twenty years old any more! Which basically translates as ‘your body cannot take the same abuse without throwing a complete wobbly and braking down on you’. I guess I’m a bit like an old car these days; I brake down on an increasingly regular basis to the point where I’m accepting that I might have to replace parts in the not to distant future! But I’m not giving up – this is my plan for being the fittest I’ve every been at 50 years of age.

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Emma, on being 50 years old

Today is the first day of documenting my 50th year. I’m going to be working through a list of challenges, dreams and goals, coping with the peri-menopause and being single at 50. I start this journey with excitement and anticipation, join me.

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3 Part Step by Step Guide to Recalibrate Your Life

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Emma spent 15 years trapped in the corporate career cage, financially successful but highly stressed and miserable. It wasn't until she discover the secret of how to unlock her potential from within that she was able to leap to freedom living the life she really wanted. Now Emma's helps others discover the easy way to find their untapped potential.

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My biggest challenges were focus, problems dealing with ‘strong’ character types and unable to switch off, I always felt I should be somewhere else.  But I have learned to deal with other people better by changing my behaviour rather than attempting to change them.   I have also learned to find time and plan activities that I enjoy.  I definitely have more focus now and I can now deal with other personalities much better as I now understand others, even family.


Before working with Emma, I had difficulty remaining calm and focused in stressful situations and I would always blame myself when things went wrong.  But now I am much more able to function in an unemotional way, yet feel active and can make decisions easily and I see that other people have limitations, it is not always my fault when things go wrong.  I feel grateful that I invested in myself and learned how to be calm and confident, happy and professional at work and I feel loved and appreciated at home.


Although I didn’t realise it at the time, I used to get myself worked up over meetings, presentations and other people’s perceptions of me in my work place and I would often worry about the worst case scenario.  But now I feel calm, centred, happy and I find there is generally less anxiety in my life at home as well as at work.  I no longer worry about the outcome of a meeting and I’ve become much fore efficient at my job and I am better at influencing colleagues, even those who I didn’t get on with before.  I am grateful that I decided to invest in myself and contact Emma, I am so much more positive and logical now, its wonderful.

Jennifer Merritt, Swindon

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"If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done"

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